Avg. Temperature 70's 
Average Summer 80's 
Elevation 1,175 - 2,600
Size 27.1 square miles
Average Rainfall 14 in


Balloon & Wine Festival
International Film Festival
Farmer's Market
Golf Courses
Pechanga Casino
The Promenade Mall
Temecula Wineries
Old Town Temecula
Temecula Tractor Race

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Temecula Valley enjoys a mild Mediterranean climate with year-round temperatures averaging in the mid 70s. Elevations range from 1,175 feet in the east to 2,600 feet on the west. 

The weather is comparable to the Napa Valley, as evidenced by a thriving wine industry, with warm, dry days and cool evenings. 



Summer temperatures, which can average in the mid 80s or the mid 90s during the day, are often cooled by afternoon ocean breezes blowing into the valley through gaps in the Santa Ana foothills to the west. Although separated from the Pacific by the Santa Rosa range of mountains, the Rainbow Gap funnels the mild beach climate into the valley. Mild wintertime temperatures average in the mid 60s. 

Yearly average rainfall in Temecula is approximately 14 inches, as compiled by the Rancho California Water District.

The quality of air in the Temecula Valley is consistently better than that of surrounding communities.  Ocean breezes flow through the Rainbow Gap almost every day, sweeping away smog.  In the summer, Pacific winds yield temperatures up to 10 degrees lower than in towns just a few miles away.

Temecula Weather History

Source: City of Temecula

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