Temecula, CA
The City That Shines Through The Mist
Area Code: 951 - Zip Code: 92592

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Temecula Valley Reviews

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Aztek Tacos
Mucho Bueno! Rating 9/23/2011
Category: Mexican
After playing golf I stopped there for some Mexican food.I enjoyed the meal. I thought it was a little pricey but overall it I had a positive experience.
Mike W San Clemente, CA

Thornton Winery
Champagne was good Rating 12/07/2011
Category: wineries
The friends and I visited this winery and we had a great time. The Service was very good, and enjoyed oursevles. We will definitely be back
Roger D Temecula, CA

Pizza Factory
Family Friendly Rating 11/22/2011
Category: Pizza
I like this pizza place because is a family/kid friendly place with large private rooms for parties. They have many TVs for watching sports, even a large projector, and an arcade area.

I like their pizza buffet, is only $7 and you you get a salad bar, all you can eat pizza, and a soda. Wish they had one in Anza.
Susan D Temecula, CA

Shred and Go!
Awesome Service Rating 11/13/2011
Category: Shredding
I can't believe how easy and inexpensive this was! I will never waste my time with a home shredder again!
Mary S Temecula, CA

Cartridge World
Huge Savings!!! Rating 01/09/2012
Category: Ink
I was one of those guys that thought the only place you could buy ink cartridges was at the major office suppplies stores. I know I don't get out much. The wife and I went out to eat at El Pollo Loco on Jefferson, (I know I'm a big spender), we noticed Cartridge World in the back of the shopping center. I startded buying my ink there, and I'm saving a ton. Now I will be able to take my lovely to a fancier eating establishment. Thank you guys. We do a lot of printing and we are saving hundreds of dollars a month. Thank heavens for the little blessings in our lives, than bring us much joy. Happy New Year!!!
Ronald Z Temecula, CA

Sweet Lumpy's BBQ
Barbeque Paradise Rating 11/27/2011
Category: BBQ
One of my favorite BBQ places in Temecula. Love their barbeque sauce is amazing. If you're in the mood for some good BBQ, this is the place to go!. I like the chicken, hot links, pulled pork. Love the fact is in Old Town, the wife and I enjoyed going down there once a week.
John H Temecula, CA

Baja Cactus
Cool Place Rating 10/23/2011
Category: Mexican
Best Mexican food place in town bar none!
Susy O Temecula, CA

Barley & Hops
I Love This Pub Rating 11/26/2011
Category: American
Every time I visit Temecula I make it a point to stop by. Cool brew pub. Food was OK, but the beers are awesome. We met the chef Eric and he seemed to be a cool guy. Great place to hang out and watch some baseball at the bar, with a cold one.
Sam Perez Temecula, CA

Baja Cactus
Awesome Rating 10/23/2011
Category: Mexican
Love This Place
Jose M Temecula, CA

Great work out and trainers! Rating 11/21/2011
Category: Personal Trainer
I Never thought I'd say this but I actually look forward to getting up at 5:30 AM to go to bootcamp. Mom has to be proud.
Samantha K Temecula, CA

Great Food Rating 01/03/2012
Category: Indian
Great lunch buffet. Some fo the best Indian food around! Good sign when you see Indians eating there.. The restaurant was clean, staff was friendly and obviously the food was good. I will be back.
Josie C Temecula, CA

da Bayou
Liked it! Rating 12/30/2011
Category: Cajun
I'm new to New Orleans Cajun food. I saw this place and decided to give it a try. I must say my aprehension quickly disappeared as I started to eat. I watch the food channel a lot and I get some ideas of what to try. I gave this place a go and I enjoy it. I will be back again and try the gator bites and other dishes that are new to me.
Georgia A Temecula, CA

Top of the Morning To Ya! Rating 12/22/2011
Category: Irish
After a ound of golf at Redhawk, my buddies an I stopped by Kilarney's for lunch. We had the burger, potato skins, shepherds pie, pancake patty omelette and burgers.

The service and food were good. The beers nice and cold. Good place to get a bite and drink after a great day on the golf course.
Zack J Temecula, CA

Dr. Michael Burke
My daughter's teeth are model quality. Rating 04/02/2012
Category: Orthodontists
My daughter's teeth are model quality.
James G Temecula, CAtemeculadrmichaelburke

Work it! Rating 12/07/2011
Category: Training
I love working hard and Lanae pushes me harder than I would ever push myself. I have never been real fat, but now I am fit and I just feel stronger doing everyday tasks. My arms are lookin' good in my tank tops and my legs are starting to have that definition I've always wanted. My hubby doesn't want me to quit. Love it! She has also helped me to clean up my food. I feel like a lean machine!
Susie M Temecula, CA

Barley & Hops
Great Place For Beer Lovers Rating 11/26/2011
Category: German
My girlfriend and I stop by every once in a while when we feel like a cold brewski. We try to avoid the busy hours so we can relax and enjoy the ambiance. We like their large like beer selection and enjoy their food as well. We usually just eat appetizers like their corn nuggets...tasty
Jim L Temecula, CA

Love It! Rating 12/26/2011
Category: Japanese
I love Shogun. I enjoy the atmospehere. The sushi chefs are nice food is served quicly. I love their CRUNCH ROLL. They have several locations. I have also eaten at their San Diego location. Their dinner menu is price reasonably prices, and their sushi is always $6.99! What a deal! I always leave here satisfied.
Kris J Temecula, CA

Hailey Photography Studios
Great Photos Rating 12/6/2011
Category: Photography
We could not have been more pleased with our wedding photos. They were so good they were featured on a national photography magazine.
Nicole T Murrieta, CA

Baja Cactus
Great Find Rating 11/4/2011
Category: Mexican
We found this place by accident, specially since is located in the middle to a shopping center. It has a warm and welcoming atmosphere. I had green enchilads and barbacoa. It was delicious! We plance to visit Baja Cactus each time we come to wine country.
Lucia K Temecula, CA

Spuntino Pizzeria
Love this place Rating 11/29/2011
Category: Pizza
I have always liked thick crust pizza, what you expect I grew up in Chicago. But when I ate there the other day, I now ALSO like think crust pizza. The crispy and soft thin style crust was awesome.

I like the fact that you can order a whole pizza or just a slice.
The staff is friendly and attentive.

We'll definitely will be back! Another great pizza place in Temecula.
Mario P Temecula, CA

Thornton Winery
Love Their Wines Rating 12/07/2011
Category: wineries
My wife and I visited Temecula for our 10 year anniversary. This was the first stop on our wine tasting tour. I must say we were pleasantly surprised. We also had lucnh there. The tastings were generous and the food was excellent.

I definately recommend this winery, and it will be once again our first stop on our next visit out.
Marcus J Temecula, CA

Great Sellection Rating 11/08/2011
Category: Gifts
I found this store while attending a play the Old Town theater. They have an awesome collection of nick-nacks and decorations for the home and your garden. I was told that during the holidays they have a huge collection of Christmas gifts and ornaments. I will be back! lol.
Kalie K Temecula, CA

Dr. Burke and his entire staff are excellent
Dr. Burke and his entire staff are excellent Rating 06/02/2012
Category: Orthodontists
Dr. Burke and his entire staff are excellent! We were referred to Dr. Burke when my son was very young, age 7 because he was going to have to have some teeth pulled out. Dr. Burke explained everything to us and all our option and gave his expert advice. We went back a few years later to start our journey with braces and every interaction has been wonderful. The entire staff explains everything in detail to my son first since he is the one responsible for doing all the at home care but they always fill my husband and I in too so we can make sure our son is on the right path. His braces are coming off in a few weeks and his teeth look so much better. My younger son will be getting braces in a few weeks with Dr. Burke and his team. Highly recommend!!!!
Cynthia L Temecula, CA

La Cocina
Pretty good Rating 11/16/2011
Category: Mexican
I like their lunch special meals and their big screen TVs. Last time I was there I had the Green Chile dish it was good, but a bit sour. The tortillas were cold. I hate tortillas that are heated by vapor. I wish they would heat them up on the grill. Anyway I give it 3 stars.
Micheel H Temecula, CA

Red Ginger
Good Chinese Food Rating 01/03/2012
Category: Chinese
This is not a fast-food restaurant. I like their lunch specials around $7 includes a huge entree, rice, salad and a egg roll. Thay also have a good healthy menu with lots of steamed entrees and brown rice. Nice little stylish place and pleasant surroundings.
Kate M Temecula, CA




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